Risking the land where he has created a shelter that has rehabilitated marine animals for over 30 years, Richard Tesore  has to fight the local authorities that want to build on his land in a battle of nature versus development. 

Tesore: Guadian Of The Sea Creatures is an intimate and moving documentary film drawing us into Richard’s profound love and mission. Our participatory approach helps us discover the inner world that drives Tesore to dedicate his life to rescuing these animals.

Furthermore, our investigative approach aims to uncover why the Government is requiring Richard to shut down his operation and leave this land…

At his rescue center, Richard is followed by three waddling penguins, as he feeds the sea lions, turtles, and a baby dolphin. Tesore communicates with the animals by iterating loud noises they recognize, he eats with them when he is hungry, and he is visibly more at ease with the animals than with humans. 

Without any formal veterinary training, Tesore is self-taught and knows exactly how to care for the animals. He feeds them “lacha” an oily sardine-like fish that he gets from the local fishermen, which provides the best type of nutrition for their recovery, and bottle feeds the baby sea lions with a special milk someone brings from the United States. Thus he nurtures them until they are strong enough to release back into the ocean when the animals migrate back South at the end of winter.

Tesore doesn’t receive any help from the local Government. He is able to subsist only because of the generous animal lovers in the community. 

However, Tesore is now faced with the dire predicament of having to close down his rehabilitation operation. The local government authorities, backed by private interests, are demanding Richard leave the land where his NGO has operated for over three decades.

Where can Richard go with the many injured sea lions, endangered turtles and lost penguins that are under his care?

Directed By Debora de Sola Habsburg

Produced By Pollination Pictures

Documentary Feature


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