The charismatic Maximilian is second in-line to the throne of the powerful Austro-Hungarian Empire,  and is exiled in Italy under the shadow of his brother the Emperor Franz Josef. When a group of conservative Mexicans conspire to offer him the exotic crown of Mexico, Maximilian sees the opportunity to prove his abilities as a statesman, and agrees to embark to Mexico. Merely three years after his arrival, his Highness is executed for treason under the order of the liberal president Benito Juarez. Or was he?

When Leon De Igasaga, a young doctor in 1910’s El Salvador, learns he may be the son of the executed Emperor Maximilian of Mexico, he is forced to question his entire identity. A desperate search to unveil the truth leads him through a labyrinth of masonic conspiracies and historic world power schemes, which thrusts him into a dangerous quest for survival.


Written by Patricia Riggen & Elia Urquiza

Co-Produced by Pollination Pictures