This documentary is a testimony to women’s strength and the unsung heroines who inspire us through their courage and commitment to support children with disabilities and illness. Real Wonder Women explores the resilient lives of three immigrant women living in Miami who conquer hardships to rise above their fate.  

Sara is a pop star from Spain, who after moving to the US ends up divorced and a single mom without a job.  She finds a new purpose to her life by using her musical  talents to help differently abled children. 

Rebeca is a housekeeper from Uruguay who miraculously becomes pregnant after suffering from cervical cancer. She must find a way to support her son when he is diagnosed with Autism. 

Jeimy is a Miami public school teacher whose youngest daughter suffered an inexplicable infection and fell into a coma. Jeimy refuses to lose hope and tirelessly cares for her daughter, while juggling family and work day after day.

These women are just three examples of the extraordinary women all around us, whose resilience and determination are a vital part of our world. If we just stop to look at their examples and dedication, they can be the source that inspires us to overcome our own difficulties.


Directed by Debora de Sola Habsburg

Produced by Pollination Pictures


Documentary Film – 50 Minutes


Inspiring – Emotional – Real


Women’s international film festival – wrpn

Outstanding Excellence

Orlando FILM Festival

Most Inspirational

Documentaries without borders international film festival

Outstanding Excellence

Sunscreen Film Festival

Special Screening

HISPANIC International FILM Festival

Documentary Social Issues – Outstanding Excellence

Miami Women’s Film Festival

Best Director