Pollination pictures

A Television & Film Production Service Company

Our mission is to develop films that provoke thought and enjoyment simultaneously. Through our productions, we aim to entertain and inspire audiences, create cultural awareness, and foster a reflection of the human journey. We focus on diverse narratives that connect us to another person’s experience, so we may relate to the human (or personal) similarities irrespective of background or culture. We strive to enrich our community by pollinating compelling stories with different perspectives and visions from around the world.

Founded in 2014, Pollination Pictures develops and produces Short Films, Feature Films, TV Series, and Documentaries. We also provide production services from pre-production to distribution. Our projects have won several awards from “Best Film” to “Best Actress”  and have been featured in various national and international film festivals, PBS, and Amazon Prime. We provide all of our services in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

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Freddie Of Wynwood
Freddie of Wynwood

Freddie is a homeless man who lives in Miami. Olivia is a woman in search of furniture for her new home. When their paths cross at a thrift shop, they realize they share something very important in common. Based on a true story, this film portrays how stereotypes and appearances are often inaccurate.

Salvador (Savior)

In the desperate act to save a young boy’s life, a doctor helps facilitate an illegal organ donation from a third world country, and is then haunted by its implications. Salvador questions the boundaries of medical ethics and illegal organ trafficking

Swear By Apollo
Swear by Apollo

We witness the aftermath of yet another school shooting through the eyes of a Latina doctor, who has suffered a devastating personal loss at the hands of a seemingly normal highschool student possessed by racial hatred.