Familia MIA follows the life of Britney, a 17 year old girl from the Midwest, as she struggles to adapt to her new chaotic and humorous Latin family living in Miami.

Outsiders think Miami is just South Beach, Cuban cigars, flashy cars, and cheap plastic surgery. What other reason was there to visit Florida outside of spring break, music festivals, and the grandparents? But we have changed since Miami Vice.

Our series finds comedy in the idiosyncrasies between the different nationalities and cultural customs that clash and make the city of Miami so unique and picturesque. Life in Miami is like driving in Miami, everyone has a different rule book which makes it dangerous but exciting!

Familia Mia is an upscale inspirational portrayal of the American Dream come true. Whereas the general view of Latinos in the US is the illegal immigrant worker class who’s often poor and uneducated, this series portrays the thriving, professional, wealthy, Latin American International cultural Hub Miami has become. Coral Gables’ 33134 is the Latin 90210.

And just as you can make it big, many live beyond their means, keeping up a sketchy facade of appearances and doing whatever it takes to maintain them…

Family is the core of our series, and the most primal human instinct is the desire for safety and a better life for our kids (even if we want to choke them sometimes). Teenagers in any culture are still a handful to deal with and the nuances of our generational differences in values create situations that are amusing, frustrating, and heartwarming.


Everyone who aspires to move to the land of freedom and make it in the American Dream, as well as everyone who has immigrated to the US, will relate with the rocky journey of the Fernandez family. In a city where flamingo pink is the favorite color, we will also experience the hard realities and pitfalls of that dream.


In a world that rewards wealth, position, brands, and recognition our series is perfectly suited for discrete product placement and cameos from the music world, among the many other appealing factors.


Comedy Television/ Streaming Series

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