Besties Borders and Barks is a comedy adventure following Teresa, a feisty do-it-all producer from El Salvador and Sabrina, her Texan, quirky dog-loving actress best friend, as they embark on a voyage to Amsterdam to represent a movie at a film festival. Teresa hopes the film will garner her enough press to qualify for the US green card she so desperately needs for her wheelchair bound husband.

Sabrina, tags along for support, but ends up messing up all their plans. A good intention turns into an ill-conceived adventure landing them in the wrong place at the wrong time and causing them to foil a terrorist plot.

Both discover that no matter how hard they try, destiny has its own plan for them. They fail at getting what they came for yet discover that what they really needed was waiting for them all along, their friendship.

An ode to the ones who think that  if you try hard enough, you’ll get what you want…



Feature Film – Treatment Available Upon Request

Comedy Adventure

Quirky – Adventurous  – Sentimental