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The Execution of Maximilian
Created by Patricia Riggen and Debora von Habsburg, Bible and Pilot written by Elia Urquiza and Patricia Riggen. Look-book and Pitch deck available upon request.
Currently looking for a co-production partner and distributor.
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Familia Mía
Scripted 22 min. Dramedy
Upon the death of her mother, Britney, a 17-year-old vegan girl from Wisconsin must move to Miami to live with her biological Cuban father and his eccentric and wealthy Latin family. As she struggles to adapt to the challenging cultural differences, the family’s bankruptcy and her father’s illicit business activities are suddenly exposed and threaten to destroy Britney’s new found sense of belonging. Will the spoiled Fernandez’s be able to put their differences aside and use their talents (or lack thereof) in order to survive in the “real world”?
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Real Wonder Women
A 50 minute documentary
Explores the lives of three extraordinary immigrant women living in Miami who rise above their fate and inspire us through their courage and resilience in supporting children with disabilities and illness. This documentary is a testimony to women’s courage empathy and the resilience required to support children with disabilities or illnesses.
Following the completion and positive reception of the Documentary feature of the same title we decided to use Real Wonder Women as a template for the creation of an episodic version in the form of a Docu-Series around the same idea of porting ordinary women in extraordinary situations that other women can relate to and get inspiration from. Each Episode would feature different themes and different inspiring women from everywhere around the globe. We are currently looking for a network or platform that would like to develop this concept with us.
Real Wonder Women Documentary was completed in 2022 and will screen in 2023 at the “Sunscreen Film Festival”, “Orlando Film Festival” and Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival. It was an Award Winner in the category Documentary at Documentaries without Borders International Film Festival, WRPN Women’s International Film Festival and the Hispanic International Film Festival. It was a Semi-Finalist at the New York International Women’s Festival and the Paris Lady Movie Makers Festival.
Ordinary women living extraordinary circumstances. Real role models for women. Unsung heroines that make up a vital part of our community.
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Tesore - Guardian of the Sea Creatures
Principal photography completed. Looking for a production partner to complete Post Production. Looking for distribution.
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Besties Borders and Barks
It's about being there for each other when you hit a dead end
Two quirky friends go to a film festival in Amsterdam because they need more press to get their visa approved. They fail at that but in the process they foil a terrorist plot that gets them in the paper and turns out to be the press they need.
In progress. The Short Film based on this storyline is finished.
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