Freddie of Wynwood
Directed by Fabian Cardenas
Freddie of Wynwood is a short film based on a true story that took place in Wynwood, a Miami neighborhood that has transitioned from being one of the roughest to one of the most up and coming. The affluent and trendy come to Wynwood to enjoy the massive art murals, galleries, and restaurants. At the same time, many streets and empty lots are where most of Miami’s homeless still live.
Freddie of Wynwood explores this dichotomy and makes us reevaluate how we see others. It exemplifies how stereotypes and appearances are often inaccurate. It is also a story about the joy and connection that comes from a simple act of kindness.
Freddie of Wynwood was featured at the Miami Film Festival, aired nationally on PBS, and is currently available on Amazon Prime.
directed by manuel paz ochoa
In the desperate act to save a young boy’s life, a doctor helps facilitate an illegal organ donation from a third world country and is then haunted by its implications. This film brings awareness to the harrowing issue, and anguish inducing stress, of waiting for a kidney.
Salvador is a compelling story of a Doctor torn between saving her dying patient’s life by acquiring a black-market kidney, or losing him because of the lack of legal organs available to medical institutions. Salvador questions the boundaries of medical ethics and illegal organ trafficking. There are currently 114,000 people in the U.S. waiting for an organ transplant to save their lives.
Swear by apollo
Directed by Daniel Bethencourt
We witness the aftermath of yet another school shooting through the eyes of Dr. Gomez, a Latina surgeon who works at a local hospital in Clearhill, Florida. Dramatic life events thrust her into an unfathomable situation where she suffers a devastating personal loss at the hands of a student possessed by racial hatred. She must choose between succumbing to overwhelming rage or staying faithful to the Hippocratic oath she has sworn.
Swear by Apollo depicts the severity of our current racial climate. We journey into the internal worlds, and lay witness to the hatred and deluded beliefs that can drive someone to commit atrocious acts of violence.

“Skin color may be different, our blood is not”
Dir. Daniel Bethencourt

The Hippocratic Oath taken by doctors about to enter the practice of medicine begins with the phrase “I Swear By Apollo.” This oath describes the enormous responsibility faced by doctors to save a life and the great humbleness needed to not play God.

Suddenly the sky
Directed by Erwan Gobilliard
Suddenly The Sky tells the story of a mother of two who seeks vengeance after her husband, who was living a double life as a criminal, is killed by a crime godmother.
The pain of the sudden and violent death of her husband leads her on a quest for vengeance. Not your typical heat of the moment type, but the more dangerous, calculating, and conniving way possible.
What if you could actually avenge your loved one? How would you react?.